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ECONOMY THROUGH Experience, Expertise and Passion for Software Development

Customized Software Services is our business.

We started our journey in India with beginning of our India office in October 2000. Since then we have designed and developed applications of varied size and scope to our global customers.

At Inforaise Customized Software Services is a career. Software services are provided with utmost care to suit to our valued clients' requirements.

Inforaise work environment is cosy for our development and QA teams. Our team works with their mind and the passion is in their heart.

Hospital / Clinic software is our passion.

Our passion for hospital / clinic management is fulfilled with crafting of a fine and user friendly application for hospital and clinic management. When you chose Hospiorama for your Hospital Information System (HIS) or Clinic Management requirements you get more than software. You get our commitment to make your initiative successful. We believe in your growth and our products grow as you grow with you. We are always with you in your successful journey.

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A specialized and mission critical domain, hospital/ clinic management requires a thorough understanding of the intricacies of the various functional units of the overall scope of hospital management/ clinic management. Various items, especially "Clinical", "administrative" and "variety of billing and discounting", complex workflows for stocks etc., can easily go wrong if one does not have a good understanding of what it is all about. Added to this inherent complex environment, every hospital/ clinic and every doctor may want to work differently and are comfortable with workflows and methodologies they are familiar with.

Our passion for healthcare as such and hospital/ clinic management has driven us to understand these intricacies and we are confident that we have a solution for every need!

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Hospiorama is complete and has feature support for each and every requirement; from appointment, patient registration to complete clinical charting, visit reports and more. Hospiorama addresses all your requirements with a fully integrated laboratory and pharmacy modules. Our clinic management system is topped up with purchase and stores module, HR module and security, software administration modules making it complete in all respects. Hospiorama is loaded with tools for an effective patient relationship management.

Hospiorama helps you to achieve faster advisory and quality patient consultation, accurate stocks, accurate billing, reduced A/R time, paperless integration of laboratory reports into patient record and more. Hospiorama minimizes your administration time and provides you MIS/ reports for an effective decision making.

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Hospiorama, complete Hospital Management Software is the product of Inforaise Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Inforaise has been offering quality and cost effective solutions to its global customers since its inception in 2000.

Inforaise, with its vast experience in hospital management domain and its commendable technology expertise in web technologies, has ventured into development of Hospiorama, Hospital Management Software to offer a ready to use, complete hospital management software.

Inforaise has expertise in providing solutions to healthcare domain world-wide. We manage and support "Doctor Office Management software" with several installations in USA for our customer based in USA.

Inforaise is listed by the prestigious IT Magazine in its' movers and shakers section for product development and service to customers. Inforaise is featured in Emerging SMEs in IT Cluster of Hyderabad by Dun & Bradstreet.

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